Recent Growth of Federal Criminal Cases Related to the Sports Industry

In recent years, there have been a growing number of federal criminal cases involving professional and college sports. Some of the most recent examples include: The FIFA racketeering conspiracy and corruption case in the Eastern District of New York (EDNY) (; The Nike extortion case in which Michael Avenatti was charged and convicted in the … Read more

What are my options if I’m arrested abroad and facing extradition to the U.S.?

While being accused of a criminal offense is already a terrifying and confusing experience, your situation quickly becomes more difficult and complicated if you have been arrested abroad and are now trying to determine whether to fight an international extradition to the United States. Will I be extradited? If an individual has been charged by … Read more

‘McDonnell’ decision has changed the way public corruption cases are prosecuted

If you think it is illegal for a sitting governor to accept $175,000 in loans, various gifts and other benefits from an individual trying to obtain assistance from the state in building his business, you would be dead wrong — at least according to a Supreme Court decision from last summer titled McDonnell v. United … Read more

SCOTUS decision drastically impacts how criminal forfeitures are handled in federal cases

When an individual is convicted of certain federal crimes, the government will typically argue that this person must forfeit any property used in the commission of the crime as well as any proceeds and/or property obtained as a result of the alleged offense. However, in a recent unanimous decision titled Honeycutt v. U.S., the Supreme … Read more

When Can the U.S. Government Prosecute Someone for Acts Abroad?

Criminal law and extraterritorial jurisdiction At first glance, one would think that allegedly criminal acts occurring outside the United States could not be subject to prosecution inside the United States. This assumption is not always true. Indeed, extraterritorial jurisdiction, as this concept is known, is increasingly used by the United States to prosecute both US … Read more

What health care professionals need to know about the exclusion list and the risks of being excluded from health care programs

Even though both Congress and the new administration are loudly advocating for deregulation, health care professionals and businesses continue to face a complicated array of federal and state laws and regulations. Failure to comply with these laws can have profoundly negative consequences. One such consequence unique to the health care field is the List of … Read more

International traveling with a criminal record

Whether it is for business or for pleasure, people travel for many different reasons. While traveling internationally is often a positive and relatively pain-free experience, it can be hindered by some things and even prevented altogether by others. One of the primary issues that has the potential to prevent international travel is a criminal history. … Read more